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This question of Holocene extinction … seems to be a pretty hot topic now-a-day … yet it is a question which will have a different answer circulating among 2 seemingly different groups of people …

One whom are awaken .. and eyes are wide open …

And the other whom yet sleep … with eyes wide shut ..

But there is no such thing as extinction of life’s Positive light energy …  no extinction of that sparkle of light which have given shape and form to plants and animals  … and did so in their many different degrees of consciousness …

Those Higher DNA of light consciousness … whom can think for themselves in these matters … are given their opportunity to choose between, good or evil … negative or Positive …  right way or wrong way … and the judgment scale … are those principles of Positive Love …

All of the Creator’s Light masses of consciousness are being reclaimed … the Mother Earth consciousness, knows them each by name …

There will be no more life cycles of negative oppression … this old Earth is in her final recession …

There is no need for sorrow and or tears … there is no need for worry and or fears … we are a blessed generation … we are a people of a new galactic Nation …

Holocene extinction

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In broad usage, Holocene extinction includes the notable disappearance of large mammals, known as megafauna, starting roughly 11,500 years ago as humans developed and spread. Such disappearances have normally been considered as either a result of global warming (the current climate change), a result of the proliferation of modern humans, or both; however in 2007 a cometary impact hypothesis was presented, but has not been broadly accepted. These extinctions, occurring near the Pleistocene–Holocene boundary, are sometimes referred to as the Quaternary extinction event or Ice Age extinction. However, the Holocene extinction may be regarded as continuing into the 21st century.

Why are the transitions from one geological time era to another marked by mass extinctions?  The explanations all involve climate change and associated survivable conditions for some species.  But somehow there is an additional sense that as time turns over, for certain species, ‘time is up.’  At present we are living in the Cenozoic Era, which means ‘new life era.’  This is the time when the continents moved to their current positions, after the extinction of the dinosaurs. The Cenozoic Era is sub-divided as well – we are in its second, Quaternary Period.  And in that period, we are in the Holocene Epoch, which means ‘entirely recent epoch.’
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