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Dubai: Unstable weather conditions and rough sea has been forecasted by the officials, from Sunday evening until end of the week.

Three drown in rough seas in Dubai

Awad Mustafa

Last Updated: Mar 5, 2011

Article found HERE

“We are closing down the beach. We have had five cases in one day and this is due to the undercurrents that are pulling swimmers in.” said a Dubai Municipality official at the beach.
“The sea was really hard core,” he said. “The waves were about five to six feet high and you would stick your feet in the water and feel the current dragging you out.”

Another witness, who participated in the rescue efforts, described the victim as “being pulled out lifeless”.

Less than two hours later, the second body was pulled from the sea.

The victim was seen floating in the sea and was pulled from the water by two swimmers. Paramedics and beachgoers attempted to resuscitate him. After about 10 minutes, the man, who appeared to have cuts on his legs, was taken to an ambulance.

Despite the rough conditions and strong currents, people continued to enter the water throughout the afternoon. The public beach runs parallel to The Walk and is unmanned by lifeguards, apart from stretches in front of hotels.

WAM, the state news agency, had earlier issued a statement warning people about strong tides.  –The National

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