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Town Terrorized by 250 Wild Horses

Abandoned: 250 wild horses have been left in Brigend by gypsies who could not afford to feed them

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By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 11:43 PM on 27th February 2011

A town is being overrun by a pack of 250 wild horses abandoned by gypsies who can’t afford to feed them.

Five of the horses have been killed when they were hit by cars and others are starving because they are not being fed.

RSPCA inspectors were today on the scene at Bridgend, South Wales, after calls from worried animal lovers.

Abandoned: 250 wild horses have been left in Brigend by gypsies who could not afford to feed them

The horses are believed to belong to gypsy families who have moved on from the area and were unable to pay for their feed and upkeep.

Hundreds of people have posted messages on a Facebook page set up by the Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies.

“Before the economic downturn, many people in Ireland purchased expensive horses. But after the financial crisis hit, many horse owners could no longer afford to care for them. As a result, an estimated 20,000 horses have been set free. They can be seen roaming highways, housing developments, parks and forests. Some of the horses are on the brink of starvation – and animal rights advocates are trying to save them.”

Chairwoman Jenny Macgregor said: ‘The horses are everywhere, we’ve had reports of them getting onto the M4 motorway and being killed.

‘We have found at least five or six dead and they are dying of starvation and lung infections.

‘The situation is out of control.’

Residents in the town say they have been woken up by small groups of horses galloping past their homes in the middle of the night.

Animal lover Pat Jones said: ‘They have apparently been wandering around for the last few days.

‘One of my friends has spent the morning trying to keep them from running into the road.

‘There are around 250, but they have split up into groups and they are absolutely starving.

‘I’ve heard that at least five or six have been found dead. It’s really sad.’

An RSPCA spokesman said: ‘We are assessing the situation.’


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