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Last night was a very unusual night …. as I dreamed and woke several times … each dream felt as if hours should have past …. but when I looked at the clock … only a few moments had past …

In this way my night seemed to have been the longest night ever !!!…

Yet I woke this morning with the pulse sweep heavy on my mind …. and I began to think of the Nexus … and how similar these two occurrences are …

So I write this morning to remind readers that the Pulse Sweep which is also known as the swing of the harvesting sickle which metaphorically states the division of the wheat for the chaff …. is not far down the epic event line associated with this generation ….

And I must explain to people that the pulse sweep will approach as a rolling ball of charge plasma energy … similar in appearance to the blast of of a nuclear blast ….

We are not to be afraid at this time ….. in our heart we should welcome the passing of the wave ….

Because the wave itself will shift a many on this planet into a Utopia like alternate reality …. and to ride the shift of the wave … one need only hold a certain degree of Positive Energy in their Spirit Karma Energy ….

Many meek and humble character of consciousness are already at this needed status of Positive Energy … more than the many are not ….

But even after the pulse sweep has occurred …. every individual not taken by the pulse sweep …. will hold within them self the capability of entering this alternate state of the Utopia like reality …

Participating in the process of repenting and restitution …. do diligently assist in the shedding of the electron negative ions … then practicing the Characters associated with Positive Love …. will motivated the process of changing negative energy to Positive Energy ….

Since sexual energies among multiple partners can retard this process …. I would suggest we either go abstinence or choose to be with only one sexual partner …

Character of stealing, lying, selfishness, greed, war, murder, rape, prejudice of any kind at any level of consciousness …. also greatly retard the process of negative energy to Positive ….

There is indeed a scientific reason for being GOOD … The codes of the pulse sweep will not be able to transform those of a certain degree of negative ions … to correspond with the alternate reality ….

Yet at any time this corresponding level of Positive Energy is reach … the very Karma of an individual will be excited into the compatible Positive Light opening a single doorway into the nexus alternate reality ….

Know that those having not crossed over into the alternate reality … will be enduring the hardship of this planet’s thousand year period … at which time … all consciousness that remain on either the turmoil side or the Utopia side of realities …. will be ascended are quickened to new worlds of the New Heavens or the New Earth ….

The Nexus Pulse Sweep will come


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