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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Last night was a very unusual night …. as I dreamed and woke several times … each dream felt as if hours should have past …. but when I looked at the clock … only a few moments had past …

In this way my night seemed to have been the longest night ever !!!…

Yet I woke this morning with the pulse sweep heavy on my mind …. and I began to think of the Nexus … and how similar these two occurrences are …

So I write this morning to remind readers that the Pulse Sweep which is also known as the swing of the harvesting sickle which metaphorically states the division of the wheat for the chaff …. is not far down the epic event line associated with this generation ….

And I must explain to people that the pulse sweep will approach as a rolling ball of charge plasma energy … similar in appearance to the blast of of a nuclear blast ….

We are not to be afraid at this time ….. in our heart we should welcome the passing of the wave ….

Because the wave itself will shift a many on this planet into a Utopia like alternate reality …. and to ride the shift of the wave … one need only hold a certain degree of Positive Energy in their Spirit Karma Energy ….

Many meek and humble character of consciousness are already at this needed status of Positive Energy … more than the many are not ….

But even after the pulse sweep has occurred …. every individual not taken by the pulse sweep …. will hold within them self the capability of entering this alternate state of the Utopia like reality …

Participating in the process of repenting and restitution …. do diligently assist in the shedding of the electron negative ions … then practicing the Characters associated with Positive Love …. will motivated the process of changing negative energy to Positive Energy ….

Since sexual energies among multiple partners can retard this process …. I would suggest we either go abstinence or choose to be with only one sexual partner …

Character of stealing, lying, selfishness, greed, war, murder, rape, prejudice of any kind at any level of consciousness …. also greatly retard the process of negative energy to Positive ….

There is indeed a scientific reason for being GOOD … The codes of the pulse sweep will not be able to transform those of a certain degree of negative ions … to correspond with the alternate reality ….

Yet at any time this corresponding level of Positive Energy is reach … the very Karma of an individual will be excited into the compatible Positive Light opening a single doorway into the nexus alternate reality ….

Know that those having not crossed over into the alternate reality … will be enduring the hardship of this planet’s thousand year period … at which time … all consciousness that remain on either the turmoil side or the Utopia side of realities …. will be ascended are quickened to new worlds of the New Heavens or the New Earth ….

The Nexus Pulse Sweep will come


I thought this an interesting and informative read …. I can see what he says yet in a slight different perspective … but basically I can agree with  his write with only a slight clarification …. which are added in notes ….

The Mayans suddenly disappeared from their cities, leaving no traces behind as to where they had moved and, yet, left their cooking pots and utensils behind.

There is no sign that they suddenly died from some mysterious ailment and they did not move to another known location. That means they didn’t relocate anywhere here on this physical earth. Instead, they moved up a level from our third-density level of existence into fourth density. They didn’t move away; they moved up.

Fourth density is less dense than our world, but it is still physical. It is also home to the spirit realms or the afterlife. If you were a physical human living in fourth density, you would find it relatively easy to contact people in spirit bodies. They would live in a higher sub-realm of fourth density than you, but you’d both be in the overall fourth-density layer of existence on this planet.

Note … such a sub realm would be an accelerated field of energy maintaining an alternate state of realty capable of sustaining the digitized consciousness of those who are without physical form and who wait for their next turn of incarnation ….

The Mayans engaged in a prototype experiment to ascend from third density to fourth density. They weren’t the only test group engaging in such experiments. In New Mexico, for example, the residents of Bandelier and Puye Cliff Dwellings successfully ascended, as did the residents of Machu Picchu in Peru. Those test groups moved from third density up into fourth density.

Note …. this frequency barriers sustaining these density state as well as the Myan’s higher density state will …. become unstable and their worlds will temporarily phase back into this reality …. and will do so as their power sources become compatible with the frequency signature of Primary Satellite Star Facility which is now in place for the process of New Creation … as all celestial power sources must do ….

The ascension that is about to happen on Earth in the near future will be very similar and, yet, it will be different in one major respect. We won’t be leaving our old world behind to move into a new one. Our world will ascend along with everything in it, including us.

Note …. sections of our world have been coded in for such a shift over … and such a shift is schedule during the time of the pulse sweep …. which is also referred to as the harvest sickle …. all will not shift over at the same time … a certain compatible degree of Positive Energy will determine who can be transferred at the time of the pulse sweep …

But once an individual Karma reach that necessary degree of Positive energy … a quickening of ions can take place and shift them over at that time ….

Our entire realm of existence will increase in frequency and move up into a fourth-density frequency band. This time, the cooking pots and utensils won’t get left behind; they’ll come with us, as will everything else in our reality.

Note …. at the swing of the pulse sweep …. such a shift up to a fourth dimensional zone can take place … we only need to empower ourselves with Positive Love Energies ….

When this occurs, people who are alive in physical bodies will experience physical ascension, right after those in the afterlife experience their ascension to a higher sub-realm of fourth density. In fact, they’ll vacate the sub-realm that we’ll be moving into.

Note …. most of those whom consciousness had already entered a holding field for their energy conscious forms … have already been taken into the safety field of the hear after dream state world …. some yet remain due to the density of their negative state ….

The nature of this global ascension was foreseen as long as two millennia ago by Jesus, who even foresaw the sequence of events. He said that, in the twinkling of an eye, the dead shall be raised and we shall be changed. But first, he said, the ‘dead’ shall rise and then we will be caught up together with them in the ‘clouds’ (i.e. higher realms.)

Note …. though  many of consciousness have already been taken into the safety field …. these whom were spoken of here are referred to machanacle host which are totaly depleted of their Plasma core life supports … such as those many referr to as ufos … and domicle satellite facilities … relay station facilities and so forth …

These facilities have been reactivated via high frequency signal contact …  and accelerated in a quickening process to be snatched form their resting places to sit in assembly in an enclosed pocket of a star colony … these are the domicile housing in which many here will occupy after rapture ….

So, the ‘dead’ – the spirits residing in the afterlife – will first rise to a higher sub-realm of their fourth-density existence and then we will be moved up into fourth density.

Note …. the domicile facilities will be ascended first … and then their occupancy …

This upcoming transformation of our world into fourth density is referred to as the Ascension, the Rapture, the Resurrection, or simply as The Shift. Today, we think of The Shift as the phenomenon where everything is changing very quickly. In the future, however, The Shift will be looked back upon as the day the world suddenly changed or ‘rose in the heavens.’

Note … the upcoming transformation of our world into fourth density is that quickening for Harvesting of humanity or for the shift into the safety zone …. Rapture is that quickening for the boarding of ships and other star colony facilities … Resurrection are the reactivating and bringing up of those domicile facilities, power facilities and other star colonizing facilities ….

The Shift will occur when the time is right for humanity to handle the experience. This means, when a critical mass is reached in the emerging New Reality consciousness. Fourth density is a heart-centered frequency band of consciousness. When enough people operate in that level of consciousness, then humanity will be ready to make the mass shift into fourth density.

Note … the shift will happen when it happens … the quantity of people ready will have nothing to do with it …. and those who are at a compatible level of Positive Energy will be shifted over …. the link and exchange of Positive Love energy from one who is of a sufficient Positive state … can prevail much …

Percentage-wise, the number of people required to reach the tipping point is small because higher consciousness has proportionately more influence on the global mind atmosphere than the lower frequencies.

Note … the activation of the pulse sweep or that power which will cause the gathered shift … is not governed by any powers of the earth surface … but by that high frequency signal coming from above …

After 2012, promoting widespread New Reality consciousness will be a lot easier then before, as the old cycles will have finished and the positive influences of new cycles will be in effect. That means that your efforts to change the world through positive thought and action will be working in a positive environment instead of the old, decaying, end-of-cycle environment.

Note … there will be no need for Positive influence there in the safety zone of the higher 4th dimension … but for those yet remaining in this decaying reality … the ways promoting Positive influence will be sought after diligently ….

Every step that you take to foster heart-centered consciousness within yourself and others affects the global mind atmosphere profoundly as we work towards that tipping point.

Note … all things we do now in the sharing of Positive Love energies …. is like sharing an antidote for the air born sin ion virus …

When the global ascension of The Shift happens and the New Reality blooms, it will become the most wonderful transformation in recorded history.

It will be remembered as the time when humanity literally built heaven on earth!

Note … this is so very true …. but the shift is just the first step for planet exodus …. the core facility is not nor was not designed to support life as we know it ….

The surface of the core facility was temporary resident until celestial worlds were to be re-established …. and star people and their land colonies return to the stars …. and earthen people crossover to their New Prepared Planet to be known as the New Earth …